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Animated video for the song Loser is on YouTube now!

Featuring the adventures of the mini Blue Soups...

Produced by LoneRobot Animation

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Blue Soup at the Ealing Jazz Festival

Blue Soup are appearing at the Ealing Jazz Festival at 7pm on Friday 25th July 2014

Cheltenham Jazz Festival headliners

Blue Soup headlined the free stage at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival - photos by Jon Banks

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Blue Soup's new album Attention is out now!

The new album is finally released - it is now available to download from iTunes.

CDs are now available - Click here to order online. iTunes

Attention Video - A taste of Blue Soup's new album:

Clips of every track on the new album Attention

Videos and photos of Blue Soup's recent adventures at home and abroad, on the road and in the studio, compiled into one video...

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Blue Soup & the James Taylor Quartet - Photos

Blue Soup appeared with the James Taylor Quartet to a capacity crowd at the Water Rats, London - with special guest guitarist Chris Chatzispyrou - photos by Ian Hall

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Blue Soup up for Grammy nomination!!

Yes, very exciting news!!

Blue Soup's album Attention up for a Grammy nomination!!!

Blue Soup

One of London's finest and most unique quartets, Blue Soup have a fresh and friendly new sound - upbeat odd-time swinging grooves, soulful jazzy songwriting, cheerfully downbeat lyrics, Latin, Balkan and Eastern influences - welcome to the website...

Next Gig:

Friday 25 July - Ealing Jazz Festival
South Stage, Walpole Park 7pm £5 more

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