Blue Soup - The Band

from left: Kostas, Toby, Graham & Mike
Blue Soup, the London-based quartet enjoyed a decade of musical adventure from 2004 to 2014; Graham Silcock on vocals & guitar, Toby Nowell on trumpet, Mike Seal on bass, Kostas Bechlos on drums. Drawing on many genres including Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz and Balkan music, they recorded two albums, Occupied in 2007 and Attention in 2011, and toured extensively in the UK and the rest of Europe, playing venues including the Royal Festival Hall, the Jazz Café, and Dingwall's in London, and festivals including the Canterbury Festival, the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, the Ealing Jazz Festival, and the Paris Twinzarts Festival.


Head Down - Live at the Ealing Jazz Festival

London, England - Live in Paris

Mesmerism - Live in Paris

Loser (clip)


Superhero Guy


Occupied (2007)

Produced by Graham Silcock and Jon Ray and featuring Elliot Mortimer on keyboards. Released on the Raison d'Être label

Attention (2011)

Produced by Paul Milner and featuring special guests Chris Chatzispyrou on guitar, Dan Cutrona on keyboards and Patrick Dawes on percussion. Released on the A Major Sound label

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